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    Quite a few function playQuestionnaire with each open and closed ended questions. Quite a few part play sessions of translating inquiries from English to the local languages and field pretesting amongst the information collection team ensured sufficient practice prior to actual field information collection. Supervisors helped to resolve any…[Read more]

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    Data collection lasted 4 weeks for both qualitative and quantitative survey.Data analysisThe household data was coded, categorized, entered in SPSS and was exported and analyzed in STATA. Descriptive and inference statistics have been the main tools used to discover and interpret findings of the quantitative survey data. To examine the factors…[Read more]

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    Quite SIS3 solubility couple of (about 11 of 56 of FGD participants) including a herbalist spontaneously identified the youngster as affected by pneumonia. A male participant in one of the FGDs exclaimed “…oh that may be pneumonia; it’s frequent amongst adults but not the children”. In a further FGD session, a female participant also…[Read more]

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