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    Ving in challenging and often unsafe environments. Machismo among this group of tecatos presented itself as a cultural model of “street masculinity” exactly where particular ideologies, behaviors, values, drug use, aggression, and survival methods contributed to heroin use and for the capability to quit making use of. The following instance encompasses quite a few generally connected negative attributes of machismo: Luis: Oh yeah … guys are suppose to become real macho, genuine hard, no feelings, especially no emotion. You can not cry, can’t be sad, cannot show your really like to others. You have to be robust, because you are the rock, you’re the foundation of that family so you will need to be sturdy. For those who show feelings that implies that you might be weak that implies that you may have feelings, and how can you j.ijscr.2016.08.005 be a rock in case you showing feelings? How are you able to be sturdy? Now the girls, they’re supposed to beSubst Use Misuse. Author manuscript; AMD3100 offered in PMC 2015 July 01.Flores et al.Pagenurturing, loving, and flexible, real versatile, specially for Mexicans. It’s ok to go mess about and have further marital affairs or … for the men it’s ok. But you may have a lady who does that and she is actually a “hoe” she is all type of stuff. Now the dude does it, it really is alright. It’s expected, it really is suppose to be like that, and she is suppose to accept it and take care of it, and which is all there is certainly to it. She is supposed to be a rock also, secondary for the man, generally secondary to the man. One particular participant stated how the realization of his mother’s aging lead him to re-evaluate his life and enter into a methadone maintenance system. The following JVI.00458-16 quote illustrates how machismo served as a positive influence aiding this participant to cease the use of heroin because of his filial responsibilities. Ricardo: The identical factors that pushed me to it, had an effect in pushing me away from it. Family will be the foundation and I have to be the foundation now, for the reason that my mother is finding old. So I have to be the rock. I’ve to start taking responsibility for the loved ones since she is getting old. We took her for granted and depended on her for a lot. Now she just can not do it. I’ve to become the rock. It can be my turn. And it really is about time. We should really have carried out this a extended time ago. With my feelings I really should have stopped this shit a long time ago. And it took me what, till I was 40 years old ahead of I stopped? I’ve to take duty for my actions. And as a rock, they all depend on me. Exactly where I was ashamed prior to I’m not any more, I am strong. Personalismo–Personalismo emphasizes the personal high-quality of interactions. Relationships, even with service providers, are considered individual as opposed to institutional. For our participants, personalismo was discussed in terms of attitudes toward family and neighbors inside the neighborhood.