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    vaultpig29 - "Fourier harmonics corresponding to nucleotides regarding kind α (wherever α can be a, H, H, as well as T) inside a series involving period L tend to be calculated since situation(A single) ρ […]"View
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    cakecat82 - "Quence applied are listed in Table S5 (for oxidative metabolism-related genes) and Table S6 (for phenolicProtein OxidationProtein oxidation was assayed as based on Reznick and Packer (1994).Enzymatic ActivitiesThe […]"View
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    mimosa40colon - "MiR-b, and miR-) than female-healthy controls (p-values.e-, and) though the low-risk patients usually have smaller oncomiRs’ values than the high-risk ones (p-values and). Hence, it truly is strongly suggested […]"View
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